Thursday, May 28, 2009

God, oh god where art thou?

I've heard the whole line about god and heaven and hell and Jesus, what I have yet to hear is someone who had come up with PROOF of a god. That's what I am waiting on. See, I look at this god character much the way I look at Santa Clause. We have tons of literature, "bibles" that talk about Santa. We have a place where he lives, his "heaven" if you will, and we have literally millions of followers, children, who claim that he is real.

For someone like me, god is no more real than Santa, at least once I debunked the whole idea of each. Now when I was five, I thought god and Santa were both quite real, then my parents admitted that Santa was the culmination of hundreds of stories and myths that have been spun into the present day vision that we see as Santa. Doesn't that sound remarkable familiar? God as a combination of tens of thousands of years of worshiping anything and everything, to finally bring them all together into today's vision of a "god."

Santa has reindeer who fly, god has angels. Santa gives to the good little boys and girls, and god promises if we all are good little boys and girls we will all be rewarded in heaven. Each has a "naughty" list that they somehow just LOVE to check.

To listen to many, god and Santa both have long white flowing beards and they simply LOVE being adored by everyone. Now, to many, "all things are possible with god," but then again so are they with Santa.

Well, I think I prefer Santa over god, at least Santa answers his letters by bringing the good little kids a gift and all the bad kids get is a lump of coal, not eternal damnation.

He'sssssss Back!

Well, what do you know, MartinT is back in the saddle. CNN and iReport might have silenced me, but I've found my voice and here it is. I invite you to sit back, relax, enjoy, and debate the isues with me as never before.

Sure, I'm opinionated and crusty, but I'll listen to you, at least for a little while. Here are just few topics that I plan on talking about in the coming weeks.

Gay Marriage - Who knew that two people wanting equal rights in this country would be such an issue. Yeah, right!

GOD and Religion - or the lack thereof. I find this issue simply facinating, and the debates can really stir the, er... soul?

Education in America - or as I like to say, what education in America?

Politics - now here's a rant I used to stay away from, just didn't care much for the whole political debate, but since my buddy Obama took office, someone has to defend the guy.

Love - yeah, I'm a softy at heart and love my wife, so get over yourself and skip these if they make you have violent episodes.